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LIFE PORTERS supports expats and world travellers through specialist understanding and knowledge of the legal, financial and lifestyle issues affecting them, particularly as they impact on personal wellbeing.

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Driving excellent outcomes

The number of employees working overseas is set to surge by 50% by 2020, with the biggest change coming in short term placements, but organisations struggle to recoup their investment due to placement failure, according to research.

There is a personal price for the expats themselves, with family and personal issues cited as a leading cause of failure to adjust and reach stability, especially on shorter assignments.

Getting the right support in place is vital - both overseas and back home.

Many organisations focus on adjustment and acclimatisation at the destination, and too often there is a gap in support to help get affairs in order before leaving, or to take care of family members - whether they are staying back home or accompanying the expat - or in helping expats manage ongoing family, property and other responsibilities back home.

By providing guidance and support for family and personal affairs in the UK from the outset, overseas assignments can be given the best chance of success.

LIFE PORTERS has been designed to reduce the stresses of global living, by helping everyone to better manage the life they leave back home.

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There are increasing numbers of expats and international travellers at all levels, each trying to manage their personal interests and family responsibilities back home. At LIFE PORTERS we understand the different issues faced at the different stages of life, career and family, so we understand the challenges and know how to best help individuals to deal with issues and manage their ongoing responsibilities back home.



Providing LIFE PORTERS membership is a simple solution to enhance performance on overseas assignments, by aiding the initial transition and then maintaining interests at home. From helping understand tax implications of working overseas, or supporting the career needs of an accompanying spouse, through to dealing with care for aged relatives back home, it’s all part of the everyday at LIFE PORTERS.


For the expat. it’s a bit like having access to their own 24/7 lifestyle concierge. But where luxury concierge services are focused on obtaining expensive tickets or upmarket restaurant reservations, with LIFE PORTERS the emphasis is on helping everyday people manage everyday issues that don’t seem so everyday when you’re living in a different timezone. Any time, any day, whenever it suits.



The internet is an infinite source of information, product suppliers and service providers : but it’s not easy to identify the trusted and reliable amongst so many. LIFE PORTERS cuts out the researching, validating and liaising, by offering members a one-stop route to quality assured services, with a regular panel serving common areas and others sourced for individual commissions.

How it works

Universal knowledge, personal guidance and lifestyle issues management
freedom to focus on building an overseas life

The benefits of LIFE PORTERS membership start with expert guidance to support the transitional stage of a move overseas, helping the new expat to make decisions about how to maintain UK-based interests and family matters. The subscription gives access to a range of essential, free-at-point-of-access GUIDANCE services, backed up by the LIFE PORTERS knowledge bank, to prepare and support expats going on assignment. Alongside, every member can also access our concierge-style LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT services for expats. This gives access to quality-assured, price-checked professional, trades and other specialist services whilst overseas.

  • Knowing what matters when you move overseas

  • managing and advising on personal affairs : including legal, tax, financial and property issues

  • managing trips or organising events back home, buying gifts, sending essentials, or just about anything else

  • welfare and issues management for relatives and children, including care and education


Scroll down to read about the GUIDANCE package and some examples of made-to-order support through our LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT
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